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One day we went to Torre di Lago, the Villa Puccini. It is located a few chilometres east of Viareggio in Toscana. Pizza! Lucke there was a Pizzeria in Marliana too. And the Pizza tasted excellent. Multo buono!
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Very tasty. A political meeting took place outside the restaurant while we had our Pizza. It was the Piazza Marliana.
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A break in the shade of the trees. Toscana. On the way back home, we met with the Duetto Spiders in the north of Italy at Lago Maggiore. Albergo Riva
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They had organized a luch in a very good restaurant. Thanks, mille grazie. Duetto friends, Lago Maggiore. This meeting was initiated by marco58. Grazie.
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Rocca d'Angera, east side of Lago Maggiore was the place to be. Thanks to eveyone of my Italian Duetto-friends who made that day so special. Tasty food! The 1000 Miglia
In the morning we took off to Passo della Futa with Renzo. This is the best place to see the 1000 Miglia racers in action.

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Nort of Firence is the Passo della Futa. Photos by Renzo, Fredrik W. and me. Ready, set and go. Viking helmet and a Swedish flag makes the day perfect Here they come!
The 1000 Miglia




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Please check the video, 10 minutes long. It's from Mille Miglia at Passo della Futa. The vintage racers are really speeding up the show. Photos by Renzo, Fredrik W. and me.