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The Jaeger Speedo dial


I have scanned the speedo Jaeger dial. The file shows a Jaeger Duetto dial with the smaller trip counter over the needle. The total counter is under the needle. This was the first version. No problem, just cut the sticker so the digits will show. The dial is 113mm. Just send me an E-mail if you are interested or have any questions.


It is here as a free Pdf.  Please note that the Pdf file has no marking at the back as below.

If you have the newer type of Jaeger with the trip under the needle, just cut out the top hole so enough space for the digits..


Jaeger dial Duetto


If you just want to replace the Kmh digits, you may use this dial. Just print out and glue it without removing the needle.





The finished dial is an adhesive, glued over the old Mph dial. You may not even have to remove the needle. Just use a sharp scalpel and gut a line between the centre of the dial to the upper odo reading. Then push the adhesive over and that's it.




Jaeger dial Alfa Romeo Duetto


The back of the dial sticker has a line where to cut if you only want the Kmh digits.




Just follow the marked line and cut




Like this




This is how to do it. The top sticker has the marking on the rear in case you want just the digits.