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Don't leave your Duetto with the steering wheel!

This is how I make the Spider impossible to steal and drive. And it's fun too when people start looking at your Alfa Romeo.



Very smooth and elegant. It was invented in Sweden by Mr. Johan Rosenlund, who still has them for sale. Johan is the inventor with a passion for racing.



The anti-theft device Snap-Off system, combined with SWM hub kits and sport steering wheels, allows the easy, quick release and removal of the steering wheel when the car is parked. The wheel can then be easily and safely remounted when you drive your car again.

What better deterrent can you have than totally removing your steering wheel, thus confusing and discouraging the thief and diverting it to car without the so called Snap-Off.



This system can easily be assembled and servicing is not necessary, Snap-Off will also allow you to buy a sport steering from the wide range of SWM wheels. The anti theft Snap-Off is covered by the European and American patent laws.


I just snap the steering wheel on when I like to drive. Once removed, it is not possible to drive away. It looks very strange on the parking lot and you will meet new friends all the time.



And the Spider will remain where you left her. I use my Momo Super Indy wheel and carry it in a bag. No problems! This arrangement will fit any steering key shaft. BTW, if you have an air-bag, sorry, it won't work here. Just good old 105's will do.


Snap-Off anti theft antifuorto


Using a vice-grip will be very complicated for any presumed thief. First the villain will have to spot your car, second check how to steal it. Then he has to go away to get a vice-grip. When he returns, you will probably be gone with your car. If your pearl is still there in the parking-lot, the villain will have some real hardships, driving away with the odd steering wheel.


Remember, the vice-grip is not the nasty thing wrestlers use before the DSQ. It is a special tool, however not that common.