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Limburg 1998

Beautiful Netherlands


Andy Rottman from the Swiss Duetto Club shows his immaculate 1750 Veloce to Jacquot from Luxembourg and Klaus Mohr, Germany.


The engine bay, very clean indeed, a Swiss habit.


This is Hans-Peter Krabb's engine bay, still as clean as ever.


Have a look underneath, no rust here after 31 years. Still the same Swiss 1750 Veloce.


Jan Groen and his 100 per cent rust-free US-imported 1750 Veloce. Roni Oldermans is supervising.


Cees Badou is proud owner of this ex-Canadian 1750 Veloce.


Stina takes a break while crossing the Afsluitsijk, nice view with the North Sea behind.


Andrea from Viareggio, Italy was very worried about his Giulia 1967. No problem, Jan fixed it.


Wille R relaxing on the ferry.


Jan Spaan is very eager to enter the parking lot. Only Spiders were allowed there.


. . . and soon it was all crowded with roundtails.


The Swiss twins!