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The Limburg 10th Spider Weekend June 29 - July 1 2001

Some pictures from the great success!


This lovely Spider painting was made by George Luksenburg. He has a lot of Italian racing-cars on the internet. Go to his homepage at Well worth a visit.

Stina just in front of the entrance to the B&B party Saturday evening. The party took place in a cave.

Wille R. got a nice yellow Alfa Romeo jacket at the party Saturday night.


Our precious Spiderman is practicing the Scandinavian habit of drinking, talking, dancing and chewing bubble gum at the same time.



Glazing on a sunny afternoon, get the feeling



. . . and enjoy the pic-nic



Round-tails are lining up.



This silver 1300 Junior got a prize.



While some of us enjoyed the Alfa Romeo Spiders, some were necking. Well, equal pleasure.



Hey, hey, what are they doing? Will I get the prize this time or is my Round-tail Spider not pretty enough.



Lots of prizes at stake on the table.

Some were lucky, congrats!



Mine, mine the Prize is mine, yeah! Go Bianca, GO!