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The Limburg 10th Spider Weekend June 29 - July 1 2001

Some pictures from the great success


If you wonder why Erwin looked the way he did, he has made his point. He had to cool down a bit after Joost Hilleman's strange behavour.


This couple is very puzzled by the way . . .


Everybody is listening while Cobi and Erwin make a speach, but . .



. . . guess who was impatience and revving his Coda Tronca. Anyway, we are all happy to see you again Spiderman.


1300 Junior Round-tail


France, Germany and Sweden mingling in the sunset. This was on the Friday. We did not know what Saturday had in mind.


Happy alfisti smiling in the wet. Saturday came with some heavy showers from time to time. Anyway, never mind, we had a lot of fun.


No need to spend any money on the beer, water is free, but the Deuvel tastes better.



Our German Alfisti had to stay in the Spider for some minutes.


. . . while the rest of the gang used the umbrellas



Relaxing and having a good time.


Know what traffic jam means? Here is our contribution