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Limburg 1999 together with the Dutch Alfaspider Register

Now, folks, lets solve the picture puzle. It's got something to do with Alfa Romeo, rye?

Tony Borgioni got an award for his muddy black Spider. But please, don't clean it with the wine.


Round-tails, Round-tails and yet more Round-tails.


Maarten takes a beer, while the gang admires his Duetto.


Round-tails and Giulias are lining up in the rain. We are just about to have som asparagus and spare-ribs, Arizona style.

Carl Timmer gets his award while Erwin does the Lambada.



The General himself, alias Spiderman, make out some strategy for our trip to France. Mieke knows the procedure.  Mr Carl Timmer takes care of his Giulia Spider.

Monday morning, in France, Stina and Wille R. continued the Limburg weekend. We had a lot of memories from another Limburg weekend. Thanx a bunch!